Let’s Play Pirates of The Caribbean at World’s End (Part 4) “Tortuga”

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbv-ScvDkVtP48XwuEjkxA0iN7qWOoziH
Hello everybody and welcome to my new let’s play of Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end. Pirates of the Caribbean is made from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, this particular Pirates of the Caribbean Game is made by Disney and is great!!! You can do things like parkour and other cool things! Pirates of the Caribbean is a film franchise and is a great game, this let’s play is part 1 where we do parts in levels so people wanting to complete the game can also check through my Let’s play of Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds End.
This is part 1 which means that we have to escape from the prison, part 1 or level 1 is called prison fortress, where you have to escape from the prison and start the adventures of Jack Sparrow in the third Movie and this is the start to Pirates of The Caribbean at World’s End!!!
In Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end while playing as Jack Sparrow you can do things like sword-assisted jumps, use combos in combat so that combat is more interesting and classical dueling in unique gameplay against various foes and even Davy Jones as the final Boss!!! Experience the Pirates of the Caribbean in an epic new way when you watch me play, it is kind of like playing with me! The detail that the game goes into in the 11. Levels and this time you get to see me play which is pretty cool as it goes into further detail, going beyond the films’ events and the story line which then introduces new locations which make the game a lot more tense, an extended story, legendary pirates that you get to duel in battle and a unique ending which I don’t know about as I haven’t seen the movie unfortunately. 😀
If you haven’t bought this game then I would recommend it and if you get stuck make sure to comeback and watch me for some tips!!!
Part 1 is called prison fortress
Part 2 is called Port royal.
Part 3 is called The Dutchman Encounter
Part 4 is called Tortuga
Part 5 is called Isla Cruces
Part 6 is called The Kraken
Part 7 is called Singapore
Part 8 is called Dunes of Delirium
Part 9 is called The Sea Battle
Part 10 is called Maelstrom
These are all of the levels
Now you get to enjoy my gameplay in 720pHD!!! I used to play this game ages ago and now I am starting again in the world that is coming to an end! Can Jack escape from Davy Jones.
As the game’s motto goes: Live and die by the sword! Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is in the same universe as the other games and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Pirates of the Caribbean is great because it has a great storyline, parkour and everything that you could want in a pirate game!!!

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